sábado, 3 de octubre de 2009

A la tercera...


And tell me no
I'll show you I can
And tell me no
And I’ll dig my feet right in
Tell me no
Just tell me that I can’t win
Come on
I'm sure I'll prove you wrong
Go on and go
Tell me no


You motivates me more and more
And I think it's time that you know
Giving me something to look for
And I can't wait for the day
I can rub things in your face
And I ain't gonna stop til I'm done
I reach the top I'm No.1
For every time you try and tell me no
All it makes me keep on keep it all

2 comentarios:

Liz dijo...

Am sure that you will achieve it!


Dorita dijo...

:) Yes! There are still 35 days... Let's do it!

Gracias Liz